• Flightpath – Hawke’s Bay Airport update

Flightpath – Hawke’s Bay Airport update

Bay Espresso is set to land at Hawke’s Bay Airport in 2021, much to the excitement of local coffee lovers.

The stalwart of the Hawke’s Bay coffee roasting and café scene will form part of the airport’s desire to tell the story of the region, its culture and history.

Bay Espresso owners Chris and Jonelle Jarvis have built the brand and a strong reputation for award-winning coffee, great food and, more recently, have added craft beer to their offerings as owners of Roosters in Omahu Road, Hastings.

Jonelle says they’re looking forward to adding character, flavour and their unique inclusive offering to visitors to the region, as well as their loyal following.

“We want visitors to arrive at the terminal and go ‘wow, I’m in Hawke’s Bay’.

“Our aim has always been to position our brand as a brand for everyone and we’ve designed our offering to be suitable for all tastes and budgets,” Jonelle says.

The café will be open from early in the morning through to the evening, offering customers their favourite morning coffee shot through to an ice cold beer or wine in the evening.

“We’ve been keen for a long time on having a café at the airport and the timing is much better now than ever before, with the airport being redeveloped as well as us having a few more years of experience of running a business under our belt.”

Jonelle says the couple and their staff are particularly proud of creating a business model that caters for a very broad customer base.

“We have never wanted to be positioned at the high end of the market. We’ve always believed that a café should be for everyone to enjoy, providing different food styles and a wider range of prices.”

Chris and Jonelle have owned and operated nine cafes on the go. They have pared this back to the iconic Bay Espresso café in Karamu Road, a new roastery/café in Ellison Street, Hastings, a café at the new Hastings Health Centre as well as Roosters.

“We will be looking to create a rustic look, which we’re known for in our other cafes, and the airport team are keen to see this style introduced at the airport.

“Although the airport will be stunning, they are also keen to ensure there is a character and a strong sense of what Hawke’s Bay is famous for – its food and variety of coffee, wine and beer.”

Hawke’s Bay Airport commercial manager Dean Smith says Bay Espresso is an exciting addition as they look to transform the visitor experience at the airport and tell the story of the region.

“When you think of coffee, you think of Bay Espresso, it’s a brand that has played a big part in the development of the café scene.”

The café will be in the central retail and hospitality area at the airport and will open when the expansion is completed in April.