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Caution advised near Frimley Park tree

Caution advised near Frimley Park tree

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 5:11 PM


The public is being advised to be cautious near the large Populus Deltoides in Frimley Park, with high winds causing bark and branches to be blown off the tree.

Due to the high winds over the last two days, the tree has been temporarily cordoned off with tape as a precaution to prevent people walking near the tree and risking injury.

Planted in the 1870s this deciduous tree is one of the largest and oldest of its type in New Zealand, and is listed as a notable tree on the New Zealand Tree Register.

Because of its age and status the tree is monitored on a regular basis and is showing signs of its age, which is part of the reason behind materials coming loose and being blown off in the wind.

Council is engaging an independent consultant arborist to assess the tree and help give direction on its future.

It did hold the title of the tallest such tree in New Zealand before undergoing a trim to the top of its canopy in 2018 in the interests of extending its life as long as possible.

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