• Holden fans invited to participate in Labour Weekend fundraiser

Holden fans invited to participate in Labour Weekend fundraiser

The Holden Cruzers Club is putting on a “Show and Shine” fundraiser for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to be held during on Labour Weekend.

The event is on Sunday October 27 commencing at 10am at the Bev Ridges on York carpark in Tamatea, Napier (opposite Pak’NSave Tamatea).

There will be a large number of Holden cars on display - along with other vehicles - and owners of Holden cars and members of the public are invited to attend in support of this year’s charity, ME/CFS Support Hawke’s Bay.

Several years ago, a group of Hawke’s Bay Holden enthusiasts floated the idea on Facebook of setting up a Holden group to see if there was any interest.

The interest was there, and today there are Holden groups around New Zealand. The aim of the Hawke’s Bay Holden Cruzers group was to get together on a regular basis to support each other, hold events and help out their community.

Last year they were successful in raising funds for Breast Cancer. This year their focus is the Hawke’s Bay charity ME/CFS Support Hawke’s Bay, which helps sufferers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

The charity is especially important to Holden Cruzers as a member of their group suffers from this illness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia affects over 20.000 people in New Zealand. There is no cure at this stage, and people with this illness need to find ways to cope.

Managing the illness can be varied and no two people are alike in their response to therapies, supplements, medications and sensitivities. The illness can only be managed but not cured.

Physical exertion is not recommended as the energy levels of the body are affected which in nearly all cases can lead to relapse. However, very gentle exercise is recommended but this need to be monitored and adjusted according to response.

There are many symptoms of ME/CFS/FM including extreme fatigue which is not alleviated by rest, pain on both sides of the body, (fibromyalgia) migraines, IBS, cognitive issues, and sensitivity to noise, light and sound and food intolerance.

In the past people who had this illness struggled to have their symptoms recognised as there is no formal diagnosis, but today science has proved that it is indeed a very debilitating and real illness.

For vehicles (Holdens and others) entering the 'Show and Shine' fundraiser - including trucks, motorcycles, etc. - the cost is $10. For members of the public wanting to view the vehicles there will be a gold coin donation to attend the event.  For more information phone 022 0417 859.