• Kids help create ‘Mystery of History’ at MTG

Kids help create ‘Mystery of History’ at MTG

A family-friendly interactive exhibition co-curated by local children opens at MTG Hawke’s Bay this Saturday (October 5) at 2pm.

Mystery of History, a fun and educational experience for all ages, had the creative input of a group of young advisers.

Eight students from around the region including 11-year-old Taika King were members of a focus group that helped museum staff decide what to include in the exhibition.

With a curious mind and a passion for science and history, Taika loved the chance to share ideas and test those of the adults involved in the exhibition’s design.

He is sure the exhibition will be an attention-grabber for all ages, not just the young.

“We tried out things, how the interactive parts were going to work – and there are a lot of those – so kids can have fun!”

Mystery of History takes you on a journey from the legendary to the magical, unusual and ancient. Discover historic artefacts from around the world, a magician’s bag of tricks, gruesome medical instruments, mythical creatures, extinct species and more.

Visitors can call on their best sleuthing skills to solve a whodunnit, and learn a little about history along the way. There’s also a chance to play a game of Fruit Ninja, dig for fossils, or have a go at performing your own magic trick.

Everyone is welcome to the exhibition opening at 2pm this weekend. Children (and caregivers!) are encouraged to dress up in their favourite costume – there will be spot prizes as well as fun activities.

Best of all, it’s all free!