• September at The Globe Theatrette

September at The Globe Theatrette

September is going to be a great month to catch movies from all over the world with lots of international releases coming up. While we can’t hop on a plane to faraway destinations just yet, for the price of a movie ticket at least we can let our minds travel!

FATIMA (M, 3 Sep) is set in 1917 Portugal where three children witness multiple visitations by the Virgin Mary. Featuring music by Andrea Bocelli and a performance by Harvey Keitel, this is a story of hope and faith in the midst of World War I.

Much closer to home is SAVAGE (R16, 10 Sep) which follows Danny (Jake Ryan) rising through the ranks of a New Zealand gang. Concentrating on three pivotal moments in his life, the film is a raw examination of gang culture and its effect on the soul.

From 17 September we’re calling all Francophiles to join us for two fabulous French movies: SCHOOL LIFE (M) is a fresh, fun-filled look at an inner-city school in Paris where idealistic yet no-nonsense teachers come up against equally savvy students; and TWO OF US (M) is a tender, later-in-life love story between two women living next door to each other in a Paris apartment complex.

HOPE GAP (M, 24 Sep) is set in a small English seaside town and stars Bill Nighy and Annette Bening as a couple whose marriage is falling apart. We’re utter Nighy devotees and would have a cup of tea with him any day, but are pleased to say that in this film, he gets as close to being a baddy as his gentle demeanor allows. Can’t wait!