• Swap a weed for a native plant tomorrow

Swap a weed for a native plant tomorrow

The sneaky Woody Weed made a run for it on Napier streets this week, encouraging Hawke’s Bay locals to replace weeds with natives tomorrow.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) and the Department of Conservation (DOC) are hosting a Weed Swap event tomorrow as part of Conservation Week. People can bring along a weed they’d like identified and receive a native plant in exchange.

Jacob – pictured above with his caregiver Kevin Derwin – were excited meeting Woody Weed outside Conservation House in Napier. Jacob was pleased to shake Woody’s leafy hand and pose for a picture with the weedy celebrity.

Darin Underhill, Team Leader Biosecurity Plant Pests, from HBRC, says some of the weeds threatening biodiversity in the Hawkes Bay include woolly nightshade, old man’s beard and wilding conifers.

These weeds, if left unchecked, can smother and eventually totally dominate areas of rural land, back country or native forest. Enabling people to recognise and be aware of the potential consequences of letting these weeds run rampant, is part of the reason for running this weekend’s event, Darin said.

HBRC and DOC staff are looking forward to finding out just what types of weeds people bring to the event, help people identify these weeds and explain the threats they pose to our environment and what native species can be planted instead.

The event is being held on Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the Soundshell, Marine Parade, Napier.

There’s a rumour that Woody Weed will also be along.