• Hawke's Bay Compilation Record Showcase - The Munros

Hawke's Bay Compilation Record Showcase - The Munros

The Munros have been a cornerstone within the Hawke’s Bay music scene for some time now, and have played under various iterations. The band that was selected to appear on the vinyl this year, is their three-piece originals band. 

Originally a husband and wife team of Hayley and Daniel Munro. They recently expanded their troupe to include Music Academy owner and seasoned drummer, Rob Franks.

Rob’s inauguration into the band was being thrown in the deep end, and straight into a gig - sans rehearsal. 

“We sent him the songs, and then just played together for the first time at Paisley Stage. We did the gig and then told the audience that what they heard was Rob’s audition and we asked ‘what do you recon, is he in the band?’ It was a resounding yes. We haven’t done a Munros gig without him now. We have become really close now. If he isn't available to do a gig, we don’t do it - cause he is the band as well”, Hayley stated. 

Tastefully blended with various genres and musical elements, The Munros’ catalogue is a treasure trove of engaging indie rock.

Initially, The Munros performed both originals and covers, however they chose to separate the two performance types and create another three piece, with the same members, known as “Little Mountain Band”


They heard about the vinyl from Kevin Murphy, and Daniel was lucky enough to be chosen for last year's one - under his name only. This year, they chose to enter a song as a band. 

So Close (River of Hope) is the song chosen by the panel of judges. It was specifically written for the vinyl, two days before submission. And recorded one day prior. Daniel mixed the song the night it was due in. 

Their process of being able to competently write and record a song in a day comes from a self-appointed challenge They embarked on a Sunday songwriting mission that lasted 36 weeks. That experience has allowed them to hone in on their skills and perfect their writing process. The balance and ease of harmonious collaboration was highlighted during this challenge. Hayley and Daniel have proven to showcase a pickle/olive type songwriting partnership.  

Decades-plus veteran musician Daniel had played and written songs with his wife Hayley for some time now and they always sparkle with good feelings, melody, and entertaining changes.

Creative processes were used to create one of Hayley’s favourite parts of the song. Utilising a topical, and relevant piece of dialogue from pop-culture. Re-recorded in her own voice to avoid copyright issues. 

Those with a keen listening ear will undoubtedly pick up on the unremitting ticking within the song. This is the result of Daniel utilising your everyday household item - a clock - and transforming it into a metaphorical musical moment.  

The song was one that evolved, mellowed and was perfected in an astonishingly short space of time. 

Even during the recording process, developments to the song were transpiring. The advantage of recording at home allows The Munros’ to freely refine their songs right up until the last instant. 


There is resounding gratitude amongst all three members of the band. They praise the unequivocally supportive Hawke’s Bay music community, and highlight how important the eclectic representation on the vinyl is for the musicians of the region. 

Daniel’s ambitions for the band’s future are attainable, with some motivation and organisation. 

“We are all good at music and have been songwriting for ages. We write good songs and are decent at singing. So with the right promotion, and organisation - we could do really well. It would be cool to be doing tours in five years time” 

Hayley has a personal objective of turning her outstanding songwriting abilities into a fruitful vocation. 

“I would love to write songs, put them to a publisher and have those songs be my income”

The Hawke’s Bay Compilation Record- Under the Sun, Vol. 2 was produced by Backline Chartable Trust. 

This record could not have been produced without the help of additional funding through Lion foundation, EIT Te Pukenga (Ideaschool) and Aramex.

There is an event being held at Paisley Stage, Napier to celebrate the completion of the vinyl. It will be on 23rd March 2023, 7pm. 

For more information about this event, and about our local musicians check out the Hawke’s Bay Music Hub website and Facebook page.