• Community views wanted on Council representation

Community views wanted on Council representation

Hastings district residents have the chance to inform how they are represented around the Council table, with a public meeting being held on August 2, and an online feedback form available.

As a local authority, Hastings District Council is required to review how residents are represented around the Council table at least once every six years. They last held a representation review in 2018. However, the Council decision to introduce Māori wards earlier this year means they are required to do another review in 2021.

The outcome of this review will apply to the 2022 and 2025 local elections, and needs to determine: how many councillors there should be on Council, whether councillors should be elected by ward, or a combination of by ward and across the whole district (at large), and the names of the wards.

It will also determine whether or not to have any community boards, and if so, the number, boundaries and names of the boards, and the number of members for each board. 

An initial proposal is required by August 31, and to help Council shape that, the community is invited to share their views. This proposal must then be publicly notified no later than September 8, after which formal consultation will take place.

The deadline for feedback is Monday, August 9 at 12pm:

  • Public meeting Monday, August 2 at 6pm, Council Chambers, 207 Lyndon Road East.
  • Fill out the form online at www.myvoicemychoice.co.nz

More online at: www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/representation