• Extra focus on Hawke’s Bay Cyclone recovery and rebuild

Extra focus on Hawke’s Bay Cyclone recovery and rebuild

Local MPs have been appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretaries to assist Mark Mitchelll, the Minister for Emergency Management and Recovery, with the  Cyclone recovery on the East Coast.

Tukituki MP Catherine Wedd, Napier MP Katie Nimon (main photo), and East Coast MP Dana Kirkpatrick (photo below) have been appointed as parliamentary private secretaries to the Minister.

Wedd said she was “thrilled” about the appointment.

Wedd said that immediately after the cyclone she has been interacting and engaging with the impacted communities and understands their needs, so “it makes sense that we are focused on cyclone recovery and becoming a Private Secretary to the Minister just gives us that extra authority”.

“We are the eyes and ears in our electorates so it's makes sense, I will continue to be a strong advocate for the people of Tukituki and Hawke's Bay.”

The coalition Government also announced an extra $40m in February for silt and debris clean up across the region to ensure the region’s horticulture land was brought back into production.

“The extra money the government has allocated to Hawke's Bay is now going through a procurement process to ensure we are getting the best value for money,” Wedd said.

“I'm pleased to see, that for the first time a procurement process has taken place to ensure the best value and outcomes.

“I understand that there is always a balance between getting the job done fast but we also need to ensure we are using local contractors and we are getting the best prices so we are making the best use of Government money.”

She added the government was “laser focused on strengthening the economy and being better fiscal managers. Procurement is a large part of ensuring we are getting the best value for money”.

Parliamentary Private Secretaries use their skills and expertise to support the Minister in portfolios and build relationship with the communities.