• Gang member admits dealing meth while in prison on other charges

Gang member admits dealing meth while in prison on other charges

A gang member, known for the 'Notorious' tattoo across his face, has admitted to dealing methamphetamine and cannabis while in prison for assaulting his partner and a good Samaritan who intervened.  

Poutawa 'Puk' Kireka, who first made headlines for his distinctive red-and-black facial tattoo, is the captain of the Mongrel Mob's 'Notorious' chapter. He was remanded in custody at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison following the assaults on September 26 2022. 

The 36-year-old had pleaded guilty to assaulting the man in his late 70s, who stopped to assist Kireka's partner after she waved down his car and pleaded for help. He is yet to be sentenced on these charges. 

This month, at the Napier District Court, Kireka pleaded guilty to representative charges of supplying methamphetamine, selling cannabis, possession of cannabis for sale, unauthorised delivery of drugs to prison, and unauthorised possession of an electronic communication device by a prisoner. 

On January 20 this year, police began intercepting communications from the device held by Kireka in prison and continued for a 30-day period. 

According to the Summary of Facts, obtained by Hawke's Bay App, analysis of the intercepted communications show that Kireka sent text messages and called associates on an almost daily basis, and that he lent his phone to others in his wing at the prison. 

More than 450 calls were made, and more than 3000 text messages were sent over the 30 days. 

He sourced methamphetamine and cannabis from outside the prison and made arrangements for the drugs to be smuggled into the prison, where he sold them to other prisoners. Money from the sales was put into the bank account of one of Kireka’s associates.

A total of $4,046 was transferred into the bank accounts managed by Kireka’s associate from prisoners at the Hawke's Bay Regional Prison or from associates of prisoners - representing the the proceeds from the sale of drugs by Kireka. 

A further $2,450 in cash was dropped off at the associate’s house from the sale of cannabis made outside the prison.

A fellow prisoner, Shane Thompson, who is also a Mongrel Mob member and serving a nine-year sentence for methamphetamine dealing, assisted Kireka in his drug dealing. Thompson also had a phone inside the prison.

Thompson last week pleaded guilty to charges associated with the offending and had a further 23 months added to his prison sentence.

Kireka was recorded telling associates that he hid his cell phone by wrapping it in gloves and putting it up the toilet, and that he charged it on the television.

Intercepted calls also revealed that he was arranging fundraising for a new gang pad.