• Hawke's Bay Regional Council labels inner harbour oil spills as "disappointing"

Hawke's Bay Regional Council labels inner harbour oil spills as "disappointing"

About 60 litres of oil has been spilt in the inner harbour on four separate occasions in the last two weeks.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council GM Policy & Regulation, Katrina Brunton, says the number of spills is unusual and also disappointing. 

"Every oil spill impacts our environment and we need to do better than this."

Two of the oil spills were along West Quay berths two weeks ago with what appears to have been diesel or light hydrocarbons, she says. 

However, there were two additional spills last week on Tuesday with heavier fuels, possibly hydraulic oil and on Wednesday a hydrocarbon discharge.

These two spills were around the discharge catch wharf opposite the fishing club.

Their regional on-scene commander and pollution hotline team were able to clean the spillage using absorbent booms in the Harbourmaster’s boat, and a contractor was called in to hydro-vacuum one of the spills.

They are continuing to investigate the source of the spills. They have not found any evidence of the oil coming off the land, and believe it is possible that the oil is coming from a vessel moored within the harbour.

She is encouraging people going out on the water to check their boats to make sure no oil is leaking. 

"If a spill is seen or noticed please contact the Regional Council’s Pollution Hotline as soon as possible on 0800 108 838 to limit damage to the marine environment. If anyone has information about these spills please also contact the Pollution Hotline."