• Heavy rain watch in place for Hawke's Bay

Heavy rain watch in place for Hawke's Bay

A heavy rain watch has been issued for the region and will continue for the remainder of the week. 

Metservice Forecaster Sonja Farmer says there will be periods of heavy rain from 9am tomorrow morning to 11am Friday, which could approach warning criteria. 

A warning is issued when it is expected widespread rainfall will reach 50mm within six hours, or 100mm within 24 hours. 

A sub-tropical low moving over the country will impact most of the North Island from tonight, Farmer says. Starting over the top North Island, the low will move over the rest of the North island as it travels east over the next two days. 

"That will bring some heavy rain and win to areas of the country including Hawke's Bay." 

With it, she says, will be "slightly cooler" temperatures.

"Thursday is a little bit cooler which is probably due to wind direction. As the low pressure moves over to the east, it will change and start drawing cooler air mass from the south but as it comes down it is a bit warmer." 

"The winds are light tomorrow for a time and then south easterlies from the afternoon." A change in wind direction overnight tomorrow will see southerlies on Friday and Saturday, which will gradually ease.  

Farmer says the "tail end" of the low will be on Sunday as it moves to the east, with showers in the morning but a mostly fine day otherwise. 

"It's not going to be a quick change."