• Napier City Council urges residents to have their say on Carlyle Street

Napier City Council urges residents to have their say on Carlyle Street

Napier City Council is calling on users to have their say on one of the most "important" routes leading to and from the CBD. 

A survey on whether people think it is time council made changes to Carlyle St to make it better for people who travel on it will be open until August 15 at sayitnapier.nz

“We want to learn how safe or unsafe people feel on Carlyle Street, whether they’re travelling by vehicle, by bike or on foot. We also want to find out why they’re using the street in the first place, along with other data that will help us in future,” says Robin Malley, Team Leader Transportation.

The survey is part of consultation which will feed into a safety review, identifying any areas of concern and highlighting any issues we are currently unaware of. This review will inform the next steps.

An initial examination of crash statistics, road layout, and walking and cycling patterns on Carlyle St, which carries 10,000 plus vehicles a day, was carried out in 2018. It has high parking turnover but is narrow. Despite a lack of defined cycle paths, it is also the busiest cycling path in Napier with up to 200 cyclists using it daily.

Local businesses, residents, cyclist groups as well as the wider community have been asked to contribute to this consultation.

The initial investigation also highlighted access to and from properties and land use activities, visibility, parking restricting access, and safety concerns at access points and intersections.

Of the 63 reported crashes in the past 10 years, three resulted in serious injuries and two involved pedestrians being struck by a vehicle.