• New bores to supply 25 per cent of Napier’s drinking water

New bores to supply 25 per cent of Napier’s drinking water

Two new bores are being prepared to supply 25 per cent of Napier’s drinking water.

The new bores – known as A3 and T8 – are at different stages of completion but both will be ready to go by the middle of 2022.

Debra Stewart, who heads up infrastructure projects at Napier City Council, sees the bores as key to ensuring clean, safe, sustainable drinking water for the Napier. At the height of summer, Napier can use up to 40 million litres of drinking water every day, among the highest in the country. 

“Securing a good source of water is complex and involves a team with a diverse range of skills, but getting it right has a massive impact on our community, especially as our population and
economy grows,” says Debra.

The two new bores will take over from existing seasonal bores that are higher in manganese and are currently used to manage demand during peak periods. The new bores will provide water that
is lower in manganese, which will reduce the number of dirty water events.

The new bore at Awatoto (A3) will be operational by May 2022 and is currently being drilled with the rig now halfway to its target depth of 120 m. Culvert upgrades are almost complete and the treatment plant that is being built as a pre-fabricated unit, which will then be moved on site, is in the design stage.

The new bore at Taradale (T8) is in the earliest stages of the project. A gravel pad will be laid before Christmas and drilling is due to begin in January.