• Police making enquiries into emails sent to multiple premises

Police making enquiries into emails sent to multiple premises

Police are today responding to emails of a concerning nature directed to a number of organisations throughout New Zealand, including schools and hospitals.

Police said in a statement that the organisations were around New Zealand, but did not specify if any were located in Hawke’s Bay.

“We are working to establish the origin of the emails and have yet to establish any actual threat to any organisation.”

"Police are confident that emails received by a number of organisations today are from the same source, and Cybercrime Unit staff are working to identify the origin."

“Staff are working with those impacted and each organisation may respond differently according to their individual circumstances and the information available to them.”

“Police acknowledge how unsettling these emails are for all concerned.  We’d like to thank all involved for their cooperation as we investigation these emails.”

We would like to reassure the affected organisations that Police are taking this matter seriously and we appreciate today has been nerve-wracking.

We do not believe there is any actual threat to those that received the email, and we thank those affected for working alongside Police.

Police say they will not be disclosing the names of individual organisations that received emails. Enquiries into the matter remain ongoing and the complex task of identifying the origin of the email is underway.