• Search on for Napier's Next Dog Model

Search on for Napier's Next Dog Model

The search for Napier's Next Dog Model has come down to the final six, with Basil, Stan (pictured), Molly, Ralph, Murphy and Caz heading the pack for the title of top dog.

The winner will become the poster dog for the 2022/23 Dog Registration campaign and will win a photographic pet portrait and a dog treat pack.

The six finalists were chosen from more than 300 entries. Voting is via the Napier City Council's Facebook page and closes on Friday.

Napier City Council is also preparing a draft Dog Control Policy and Bylaw, which will go out for consultation on 25 May.

Mayor Kirsten Wise says dogs are a loved member of many families and that’s been shown by the enthusiastic response to the call for a dog model.

“Dogs are a big part of our community but it’s important we manage where they go, and where it’s not appropriate for them to be,” says Mayor Wise. “We want to make sure dogs can live a good life in Napier, while also ensuring our city is safe for everyone, including our precious wildlife.”

The Dog Control Policy and Bylaw include proposed changes to on-lead and off-lead spaces as well as additions to dog-prohibited and dog-exercise areas.

Securing a dog model to represent Napier’s dog community is a fun way to raise the public’s awareness of dog registrations, which take place annually in July.  It also highlights how much love people have for their pooches. Hundreds of Napierites nominated their hairy best friends for the role.

“My money is on Basil for the win, he’s a rescue dog who’s a bit of a scruff but has a twinkle in his eye,” says Mayor Wise.

Full details of the changes proposed to the Dog Control Policy and Bylaw will be available by May 25 and submissions close 5pm Friday, June 24. 

Check out the paw-fect models:

Bow-wow! I’m Caz and if you couldn’t already tell by my smile, I’m personality plus! My family moved to New Zealand from South Africa, and there was no way they were leaving me or my brother behind, so we made the big trip over with them. I have lots of Staffie energy and enjoy burning it off by playing throws with my family. At the end of the day, I’m a big softie with a lot of love to give, cuddles in the mornings are my speciality!

Yap! I’m Molly, and I’m a little shy but as you can see I make up for it in cuteness! I’m a real pocket rocket who loves to run at top speed! I’m currently working on my agility and love learning new dog tricks! I’m never too far away from my owners as I get to hang out with them at work! I have a soft spot for my Dad, with my most special gift yet, being a mouse I caught and hid under his pillow – love you Dad!

Woof woof! I’m Murphy and I had a bit of a ruff start before I was kindly taken in as a foster dog by the Napier SPCA. I was adopted by my awesome new owner and I love cruising around Napier with him! At 2 ½ years old I’m still a little shy and a bit weary of people, but I love living life to the fullest, especially now that I have a place to call my home. I love my Pak’n’Save duck toy and reeeeallly love my daily walks at Park Island where I get to meet and play with all my dog friends!

Woof! I’m Ralph and I was welcomed into my family because my mum and dad were expecting a baby hooman. And there’s nothing like adding a puppy to your life when there’s a baby on the way. If you ask me, my mum was asking for trouble. Luckily for mum, I matured super quickly so I could help her raise my little sister. We enjoy our daily walks, she feeds me her favourite snacks and every once in a while I let her play with my one and only toy (even though she has about a gazillion of her own). I really am the goodest boy. I’m funny, I’m loyal and I don’t take life too seriously - unless there’s treats involved!

Woof! I’m Basil and I’m part guinea pig (my coat), part cat (my propensity to sleep many hours during the day) and a bit of dog (my “ferocious” barking at the naughty hoomans doing burnouts within a 5km radius). I had a ruff start in life and was picked up from the fureindly NCC dog team where I waited to be claimed from the Napier pound. After a couple of weeks of waiting, my new family came to visit and they just had to have me, and who wouldn’t, just look at my face!

Woof! I’m Stan and I was born in Australia but moved with my family to New Zealand. I’m 80% couch potato, 20% super fast doggo! Although I’m almost 7, I’m still really playful and have a passion for any toys that squeak! In fact, I possess the very rare skill of removing the squeaker from any toy. I recently became a big brother to a 1-year-old hooman sister and have to share the limelight with her, but I’ve taken a liking to her and don’t mind sharing my toys.