• Tukituki land use consent deadline looms

Tukituki land use consent deadline looms

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council wants to remind farmers in the Tukituki catchment about a regulatory deadline that is coming up fast.

Landowners in the Tukituki catchment who are required to have a land use consent need to submit this by Friday, February 26.

Group Manager of Policy and Regulation Katrina Brunton says this deadline is fast approaching and encourages landowners to prioritise their applications.

“We understand that compliance with the regional rules isn’t top of mind for farmers who are juggling many things on the farm, yet now is the time to get this sorted.”

“We also want to emphasise that those who submitted a pre-application during lockdown, still need to submit a full application. The pre-application was only a placeholder,” she said.

“We are here to help landowners meet their obligations and our team are available to answer any questions they may have,” she says.

“While enforcement action is always a last resort, it is our job to ensure everyone complies with these regulations. This means that if any landowner fails to meet the deadlines without good reason we will take enforcement action, which could result in a fine or prosecution."

“We hope that we don’t have to use these tools, and encourage landowners to get their consent applications in by Friday,” she says.

Further information, including procedural guidelines, guidance for low-intensity properties and FAQs about the consenting process can be found on the Regional Council’s website.