• Video - Cake shop owner annoyed to find window smashed in act of vandalism in Napier CBD

Video - Cake shop owner annoyed to find window smashed in act of vandalism in Napier CBD

The owner of a new cake shop in Napier’s CBD is annoyed by a random act of vandalism that saw one of her shop front windows smashed.

Courtney Booth told Hawke's Bay App that she was alerted by the police to the incident at her shop, Cuteneys Cakes, on Dalton Street in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police said in a statement today that they had received a small number of reports on this morning of damage to buildings in the Napier CBD area.

“The report regarding Browning Street has been assessed and there is no further line of enquiry. A report regarding damage to a building on Dalton Street is still being assessed.”

Hawke’s Bay App understands that apart from Cuteneys Cakes in Dalton Street, two other buildings – a pub and the Anglican Cathedral - in Browning Street, sustained damage.

Booth says her shop has been operating from the CBD since October last year and yesterday was supposed to be the first Wednesday that it was open.

“I got a phone call from the police to say that one of the local bin guys had rung them to say that our shop had been smashed into. The person had picked up our wheelie bin and thrown it out the window and it went through, smashed it, and there was glass everywhere.”

“The guy didn't try to come in, but he walked off and just looked really angry. The whole bin was filled because it was bin day. Yeah, just a mess.”

At first Booth thought she had been targeted until she heard other buildings had suffered a similar fate.

“It's just the annoyance of it, really. We were trying to open yesterday for our first Wednesday, and then we couldn't because there was just shards of glass everywhere and it was just finding it for ages everywhere.”

She says the shop front has been replaced with safety glass.

A Napier City Council spokesperson told Hawke’s Bay App today that it is always disappointing to see incidents of vandalism.

“Council works hard to repair damaged public facilities as quickly as possible. The establishment of Napier Assist and enhanced CCTV are having a positive impact in Napier to deter anti-social behaviour and help Police hold those responsible to account.”

The spokesperson said that when incidences of crime occur, Napier Assist was a crucial link between retailers and Police.

“The team provides CCTV footage along with an incident report to Police, who then have enough evidence to identify and charge offenders. The collaboration between retailers, Napier Assist, Police and other agencies is having a positive impact on safety in the CBD.”