• Video: Man winched to safety following injury off Napier coast

Video: Man winched to safety following injury off Napier coast

A fisherman was winched to safety and taken to Hawke's Bay Hospital after injuring his arm off the Napier Coast. 

Maritime New Zealand's Rescue Coordination Centre said they were contacted following an incident on-board the vessel, 11 nautical miles off the coast, at around midday Thursday afternoon.

"Maritime NZ’s Rescue Coordination Centre then sent a Coastguard vessel to meet the boat with the injured crew member on-board. Personnel from Fire and Emergency and St John were also on-board the Coastguard vessel to support the response."

When Coastguard Hawke's Bay reached the vessel with the injured man, the Lowe Corporation Hawke's Bay Rescue Helicopter winched two responders onto the vessel to assist the injured man.

Coastguard Hawke's Bay Skipper Henry van Tuel said the man had his arm trapped and he had a compound fracture.

They were located about 5 miles east of the Port.

"Once stabilised he was transferred to Celia Knowles so that we could undertake a helicopter transfer."

"Marine Rescue is a team effort, and we want to thank FENZ, Hato Hone St John, Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter our Coastguard crew, RCCNZ and Maritime Radio for their support in the successful recovery of this gentleman."

Hawke's Bay Rescue Helicopter Trust General Manager said they do about 10 water rescues each year. 

"They're always pretty challenging because its dangerous over water. But we do a lot of training, so we're well-prepared for them.