• Nimon should front up to Napier on National’s “tax scandals”, says Hutchinson

Nimon should front up to Napier on National’s “tax scandals”, says Hutchinson

National’s Napier candidate Katie Nimon needs to front up to the electorate as her party’s flagship tax plan is plagued by ongoing scandals, says Labour’s Napier candidate Mark Hutchinson.

“It’s easy to see why National released their tax and fiscal plans so late into this election campaign,” Hutchinson said.

“They knew their plans wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. Almost daily their numbers have been rubbished by multiple economists while the unfairness of their plans is uncovered.”

However, Nimon hit back saying that Hutchinson was avoiding talking about Labour this campaign.

Hutchinson said that National’s numbers did not stand up to scrutiny.

“First it was the $2 billion foreign buyers’ hole, the cuts to public services, increased unemployment and higher rates and water bills – and the almost $1 billion per year that will be raided from the Climate Emergency Response fund – while Napier is still recovering from Cyclone Gabrielle.”

“Then it was revealed that 99 percent of Kiwi households won’t get $250 a fortnight in tax relief, despite National’s publicity materials claiming that is what ‘an average-income family with children’ would receive.”

“Then it was the analysis from Goldman Sachs warning that National’s tax cuts risk exacerbating inflation and causing interest rates to remain higher for longer.”

“And only last Friday it was revealed that National plans to take $2 billion off those on benefits, including disabled people, to help fund its tax cuts.”

“Now, for about 300 landlords who own more than 200 properties, new analysis indicates they will get $1.3 million each from National, over a five-year period.”

Hutchinson says that this is at the expense of the most vulnerable people in Napier, on the lowest incomes, “who would suffer while already rich mega-landlords get even richer”.

“During a debate last week Katie Nimon was given an opportunity to state if there were any issues or policies where she differed with the National Party. Katie said she agreed with and supported her party on everything.”

“In that case, Katie should explain why she thinks it’s right that someone in Napier on a disability benefit would be worse off by more than $17,000 over 5 years under National.”

“She should front up to Napier families for her own part in pulling the wool over their eyes about the size of their tax cuts.”

“Only a few weeks ago Katie was quoted in the media saying, ‘I’m thrilled with National’s plan to deliver up to $250 a fortnight in tax relief for a working family with kids’ when she knew full well that only 0.18 percent of the 1.6 million households in New Zealand will qualify for that $250.”

He says that the reality is many Napier families will get very little under National and the cost to the country will be huge.

“This election campaign has truly exposed the values and priorities of the National Party.”

 “For National, tax cuts for wealthy mega-landlords who own multiple properties are more important than giving support to disabled Kiwis or others on benefits, or taking climate action or supporting young Napier families who want to buy their first home.”

“As each day passes, it gets clearer that if National wins, Napier loses. Those on benefits lose, our environment loses, and first home buyers lose as offshore buyers return to the market and push up house prices and inflation.”

He says that Labour stopped landlords being able to claim interest deductibility to make our housing market fairer and indexed benefits to wage growth because it was the right thing to do to lift children out of poverty.

“After all the hard work that we have put in to get through the challenges of the last few years, to make progress through our cyclone recovery, now is not the time to go backwards with National.”

“Labour has the balanced plan to see Napier continue to make progress, to put people first, and look after the environment, while growing higher wage jobs.”

"And Napier won't succeed with an MP who just speaks in key messages signed off by head office. If I have the privilege of being elected as Napier's MP, I will stand up for Napier and advocate strongly to ensure the government delivers for our communities," Hutchinson said.

In response, Nimon said: “Labour’s Napier candidate has done all he can to avoid talking about Labour this campaign and I can see why. People are struggling to pay their mortgages or rent or fill the shopping trolley or petrol tank under his government. I’m incredibly proud of our tax plan and how it will provide much-needed relief for hardworking people in Napier.”

“While Labour’s candidate is campaigning for a capital gains tax and higher income taxes, I’m campaigning for a stronger economy and lower costs for people in Napier struggling to get ahead. Only a Party Vote for National will change the government and get our country back on track.”