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Third-time lucky Lorck set to storm in.

Third-time lucky Lorck set to storm in.

Astrid Austin - Austin Media

Saturday, October 17, 2020 8:46 PM


The longtime blue Tutukituki seat could turn red by the end of this evening, with Labour's candidate Anna Lorck ahead.

However, National's candidate and incumbent Lawrence Yule says it is "early days yet".

He is not ignorant to the fact he is behind by more than 1000 votes with 36.5 per cent of the vote counted.

But he is waiting for the remaining "two thirds" of the votes cast to be counted and isn't paying "too much attention" to it until then.

As of 8.30pm third-time battler had 7,847 votes, 1,821 votes ahead of Yule's 6,026.

"It is too early to make any judgement," Yule told Hawke's Bay App from his party headquarters at Birdwoods Gallery & Sweet Shop in Havelock North.

"It is what it is. This is politics."

Also contesting the seat are Romana Manning of the Legalise Cannabis Party (145), Melanie Petrowski of One Party (67), Advance NZ’s Carl Peterson (99), and Allister Tosh of the Future Youth Party (19).

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