• Video: All the colours, All the light - the new exhibit at MTG Hawke's Bay

Video: All the colours, All the light - the new exhibit at MTG Hawke's Bay

A dramatic new exhibit has transformed MTG Hawke’s Bay’s foyer into an immersive kaleidoscope.

All the Colours, All the Light has been created by artist Gabby O’Connor, who participated in Antarctic oceanographic research with scientists from NIWA, and the Universities of Auckland and Otago in 2015 and 2016.

In Antarctica, moisture particles in the air can freeze and act as tiny prisms, reflecting a rainbow of light and twinkling clouds known as ‘diamond dust’.

O'Connor said that this was the fourth time that the installation had been exhibited.

“It's made out of theatrical lighting gels, which are a type of, I suppose, a heatproof cellophane. It's all held together with staples.”

“Each time that this work is exhibited, it changes shape and scale depending on the architecture of the gallery. And I have to take into consideration the pre-existing lighting in the ceiling as well as any windows and those kinds of things, and how tall the ceiling is, and also what size framework can attach to the ceiling because different galleries sometimes they have a false ceiling, so you can't really attach things to that, so there's often work arounds.”

“It's really lovely installing it because I get to see all the different types of people who come in and have lovely little chats as well. It welcomes people in with all its colours.”

Toni MacKinnon, MTG Art Curator, says O’Connor’s artwork is inspired by a natural process in the Antarctic and is a fun, engaging way to bring climate research to the community.


“Gabby has worked on many collaborative art-sci projects, connecting research to the wider community.” says MacKinnon.

O’Connor is holding an artist’s talk at MTG Hawke’s Bay on Friday 26 April, and two workshops, one for 5-12-year-olds, and one for teens and adults, on Saturday 27 April.

All the Colours, All the Light runs until 1 September.