• Video: Anna Lorck says electoral battle for Tukituki always tough

Video: Anna Lorck says electoral battle for Tukituki always tough

Anna Lorck says the electorate battle in Tukituki has always been tough, but she is focused on going out and earning every single vote she can.

In an interview with Hawke’s Bay App, Lorck, the incumbent Labour candidate says she enjoys campaigning.

“I've been going out door to door and holding street corner meetings and getting out and about, and I love talking to people and hearing about the local issues.”

“This is my fourth time standing and I've faced a minister, an MP, and a former mayor, and I've always had a tough opponent, but I look at just going out and earning every single vote I can and getting the job done. I think people can look at me as a local MP who gets things done,” says Lorck, who was elected in 2020 after being beaten in the two previous elections.

Her main rival this time is her former work colleague, Catherine Wedd, who is the National candidate.

Other candidates are ACT’s Rob Douglas; Nick Ratcliffe of the Green Party; Michael Ngahuka of Vision New Zealand; Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party candidate Romana Manning; New Zealand Loyal’s Rob Hulman; Allister Tosh of the Future Youth Party; Independent Melanie Petrowski; and Michael Ponk.

Lorck says the announcement by the Prime Minister and Labour leader Chris Hipkins that Labour will, if elected, build a new Hawke’s Bay hospital, is good news.

“I had a huge day yesterday with the announcement of the $1.1 billion that I've worked really hard for to get a commitment to build the new Hawke's Bay Hospital.”

She says the hospital project is important because the existing one is not fit for purpose and “hasn't been for some time”.

“There hasn't been enough capital investment into the hospital. It wasn't that long ago when we used to have to make surpluses. You may recall the DHBs had to make a surplus and before you could put anything else into your capital project budget.”

“That would see the operating budget, which is what runs the hospital being cut year after year, and after cuts year-on-year on year to your operating budget, you cut it to the bone.”

Lorck says the lack of infrastructure investment into the hospital means that it's under pressure and it's costly.

“I call it a big old dinosaur, and you've got to run a dinosaur, it's inefficient and costly. So our Hawkes Bay community, our changing population, our growing older population and the health needs of our community are significant.”


Watch the accompanying video to see the full interview.