• Video: Excitement as Maraenui gets basketball court

Video: Excitement as Maraenui gets basketball court

A community request turned into a reality as a new basketball court was officially opened in Maraenui’s Bledisloe Road Reserve.

The temporary half-court installed earlier this year has proved so popular that it has become a permanent feature.

Some of the best ideas come from Council and community working together, says Councillor Maxine Boag.

The official opening was held on Wednesday afternoon.Seating will also be added to the reserve, and further landscaping will finish it off.

“What happened here today was very exciting. It was the opening of a brand new basketball half court, and it's something that the community has wanted for some time and we were very lucky that council listened to the community and installed it quite recently.”

“We have the Taylor Hawks here, which is fantastic. And we also have three councillors as well. And we have the children, the tamariki, from Maraenui Kura, who are making the most of it and getting the Hawks' autographs and everything, having a good time. And I'm sure we're going to see a lot of them down here over the holidays.”


Watch the accompanying video to see more about the opening of the basketball court.