• Video: Call for Napier residents to makes submissions on district plan

Video: Call for Napier residents to makes submissions on district plan

Napier residents are being asked to make submissions on the city’s District Plan before 15 December.

Napier Deputy Mayor Annette Brosnan said in an interview with Hawke’s Bay App that the plan is a large policy document which sets rules for how people operate inside the city.

“It's been a long time since we've put the full document out like this for submissions. So it's really exciting to be able to get people's views.”

“The District Plan covers so many topics. The things that will be particularly interesting to people are things like housing density, so how close houses can be to one another. What the height to boundary relationships need to be, so what your neighbours can do next to you, and in turn what you can do next to your neighbours.”

Other topics covered include colours of heritage buildings in the CBD and how stormwater is dealt with on site.

Brosnan says the Council is proposing a new zoning in the District Plan that covers 284-odd hectares of council-owned farmland. “People will notice it being on the right as they're driving along Church Road, with Parklands on their left. So that piece of farmland in between Parklands and the airport land on the other side of the estuary, we're proposing to zone that a special conservation zone.”

“What that means is we will have some special rules in there around what we can do as a council with that piece of land. We're proposing to protect it for habitat and for stormwater treatment into the future. So we're going to treat our city's stormwater on that piece of land before it enters the estuary.”

Brosnan said the Council also had created an ePlan, which is the full District Plan online at sayitnapier.co.nz.

“Through Say It Napier, you can make your submission, and we really encourage you to make your submissions in that format. I know it's really easy to type it online, but if we can get it through in a formal submission, it just gives you the opportunity to come and be heard, if you'd like to speak to your submission, which would be great, as well as giving it into the formal process where we have hearing commissioners and things like that who get to formally review your thoughts.”

She says people have until 15 to make a submission.

“We're really encouraging everyone to get online at sayitnapier.co.nz and have their voices heard. And then it's up to you whether you want to come in later and speak to those or not.”

Brosnan says that the Council’s Representation Review is also open for submissions, which close on 15 December.

“The Representation Review is something we're required to do every six years, and it asks you those questions about how you want to be represented on council.”

“Through that we ask questions like, how many councillors should we have? Should we have a ward system where people represent pockets of our community, or in a large system across the whole city? So we ask that question. And we also ask how many councillors you think we should have and where they should sit.”

 Watch the accompanying video to see the full interview with Annette Brosnan.