• Rampant Tennis Eastern retain Christie Cup

Rampant Tennis Eastern retain Christie Cup

Tennis Eastern development officer Sean Davies heaped kudos on newcomer Rudi Statkus after his side retained the Christie Cup in New Plymouth yesterday.

Former Auckland premier interclub player Statkus, 33, made his debut for Eastern in their 16-8 victory against Taranaki at the Pukekura club. Statkus, who is in his second season playing out of the Havelock North club, had the No 2 men's singles berth for Eastern and won all three of his matches in the tussle for Central Districts tennis supremacy.

Statkus beat his younger opponent, William Roberts, 6-2, 6-4 and afterwards spent time chatting to Roberts about how he can improve in the future.

"Rudi has a passion to develop tennis players. He just wants juniors to do well. It doesn't matter where they are from ... it was a wonderful gesture," Davies said.

"While our win was the result of a solid team effort all of our top players stepped up," Davies explained.

Eastern's top man, Rynold Timothy, the Hawke's Bay Residentials champion from the Hastings club, beat Hamish Mead 6-2, 2-6, 6-2.

"When it was a set all Rynold called on his vast experience to win the final set," Davies said.

Eastern's No 1 woman, Olivia Addis of the Havelock North club, and Eastern's No 3 man, Luke Donovan of the Greendale club, were others to post three victories. Addis beat her singles opponent, Sue Oldfield, 6-1, 6-0.

Greendale's Jonathan Fall, one of Eastern's younger male players, did well to win two of his three matches and benefitted from playing with Statkus in the doubles.

Davies is still awaiting further correspondence from Whanganui as to whether or not they will challenge for the cup before the end of the season. Earlier this summer he heard they were keen but then he heard they were struggling to field a team.

Even if the fixture goes ahead it will be a surprise if Eastern don't retain the cup for a third consecutive summer. 

Singles Results

Hawke's Bay 9 Taranaki 3

Men's Singles: Rynold Timothy (HB) bt Hamish Mead (TA) 6-2/2-6/6-2; Rudi Statkus (HB) bt Will Roberts (TA) 6-2/6-4; Luke Donovan (HB) bt Blair Crowley (TA) 6-3/6-1; Craig Giddy (HB) bt Jordan Whittleston (TA) 6-3/6-3; Jonathan Fall (HB) bt Michael Erb (TA) 6-1/6-2, Callum Old (TA) bt Jac Wardrope (HB) 6-2/6-4.

Women's Singles: Olivia Addis (HB) bt Sue Oldfield (TA) 6-0/6-1; Jane Wyllie (HB) bt Chantelle Peters (TA) 6-2/1-6/6-1; Alex Cave (HB) bt Taylor Mitchell (TA) 6-1/6-4; Sophie Ward (HB) bt Maria Spurdle (TA) 7-6/6-1; Jorja Symes (TA) bt Roisin Dinan (HB) 1-6/7-6/6-4; Alex Macesic (TA) by Abby Oliver (HB) 6-4/6-3.

Doubles results

Hawke's Bay 4 Taranaki 2

Men's Doubles: Rynold Timothy/Luke Donovan (HB) bt Hamish Mead/Jordan Whittleston (TA) 6-2/6-0; Rudi Statkus/Jonathan Fall (HB) bt Blair Crowley/Will Roberts (TA) 6-1/7-6; Graeme Mitchell/Callum Old (TA) bt Jac Wardrope/Craig Giddy (HB) 6-2/6-1.

Women's Doubles: Olivia Addis/Alex Cave (HB) bt Sue Oldfield/Courney Tippett (TA) 6-0/6-0; Sophie Ward/Jane Wyllie (HB) bt Derryn Fleming/Maria Spurdle (TA) 7-5/6-2; Jorja Symes/Taylor Mitchell (TA) bt Roisin Dinan/Stacey Margerison (HB) 5-7/6-2/10-8.

Mixed Doubles results

Hawke's Bay 3 Taranaki 3

Rynold Timothy/Alex Cave (HB) bt Michael Erb/Maria Spurdle (TA) 6-0/6-1; Rudi Statkus/Olivia Addis (HB) bt Blair Crowley/Taylor Mitchell (TA) 6-1/6-3; Luke Donovan/Roisin Dinan (HB) bt Hamish Mead/Jorja Symes (TA) 6-2/6-1; Graeme Mitchell/Sue Oldfield (TA) bt Jonathan Fall/Sophie Ward (HB) 1-6/6-2/11-9; Callum Old/Courtney Tippett (TA) bt Jax Wardrope/Abby Oliver (HB) 0-6/6-3/10-8; Jordan Whittleston/Derryn Fleming (TA) bt Stacey Margerison/Hunter Every (HB) 6-3/6-3.